About Lalaya Design

Toronto-based LALAYA Design was founded, somewhat unexpectedly, in 2017 by Hanae Baruchel, who turned to designing furniture following a brain injury. Baruchel plays on the surprising malleability and versatility of concrete and steel to design her minimalistic line of home furniture and décor items. 

The studio takes its name after the Brazilian word,  la-la-ia (pronounced ‘lah-lah-YAH’), a common musical phrase that embodies what singing sounds like. Baruchel finds much inspiration in music; in lightness and harmony. Accordingly, the interplay between heavy and light, a penchant for asymmetry and the unexpected, are signature elements in LALAYA collections. Each LALAYA design is assigned an onomatopoeic name to tease out the playful attributes within her designs. 

LALAYA Design won the prestigious Best of Launch Pad award for its lighting collection at Wanted Design 2018 and its products have been sold in Canada, France, Spain, the U.S., the Netherlands and India. The studio's work has been featured in Design MilkFASHION Magazine, AZURE Magazine and Designlines Magazine