Help LALAYA win the RADO Star Prize!

We are honoured to be one of four finalists for the RADO Star Prize, a design competition sponsored by RADO and Interior Design Show Toronto. The theme for this competition was DESIGN INSPIRED BY NATURE. This makes us eligible to win a $5,000 prize to help us produce the prototype salt shaker we applied with, which will be exhibited at IDS next January. We could also win the prix du public if you vote for us! Please do. Our first rough prototype will be exhibited at IDS next January.

The salt shaker design is a creative commentary on the devastation that plastic pollution wreaks on the earth’s oceans. Its shape mimics an oil rig (where plastics originate) and is made with a mix of concrete and shredded multi-coloured plastic from a custom-designed shredder. The holes at the top of the salt shaker form a figure eight signifying the eight million tons of plastics dumped into oceans yearly. The goal of the design is to inspire a conversation about the state of our "natural" environment while offering a micro-example of a solution to combat plastics pollution.

Congratulations to the other 3 finalists @anilego and @wayne_muma. Go check out their work too!