SHADOK & AYÊ - A Commissioned Installation

SHADOK & AYÊ - Winter Lights Exhibit - Ontario Place - LALAYA Design

LALAYA Design was commissioned by Ontario Place to design one of their Winter Lights Exhibit this year. This is our first foray into the world of landscape design and art installations and we couldn't be more proud of the result. You can see our work on Ontario Place's west island until March 2019. 

SHADOK & AYÊ inhabit a surprisingly delicate and beautiful concrete universe. Though they are next of kin they can’t seem to get passed their minor differences. The way they face/ignore each other is meant to “bring to light” and simulate the sorts of discussions we seem to no longer be willing to engage in, in a world as polarized as ours.

We invite you, the viewer, to imagine the sort of conversations these specimens might be having and the ones you are perhaps avoiding in your own life. You can read more about the exhibit in this recent article by AZURE Magazine.